It all started with a simple concept – that of intertwining fresh design with high-quality, Maltese-inspired prints.

Team Photo Te fit-Tazza
Te fit-Tazza was founded in 2015 by Andrew Farrugia & Craig Macdonald, two bosom buddies with a penchant for design and all things beautiful.

Working within the travel industry over the past five years, Andrew nurtured a deep appreciation for various subliminal features, relatively unnoticeable to the average eye. Add the fact that our islands are graced with so many hidden gems and hey presto – the perfect potpourri was there for the taking.

Craig's interest in design started early on in his teens when he first discovered street art and illustration. This would serve him well while developing a successful career in advertising and marketing – a passionate crusade (labour of love) that flowered into his latest project - Te fit-Tazza, a project that typifies his passion for design and all the things that define Malta and its dependencies.

The Maltese islands boast a wealth of identity, evident to the eye in how we act and we interact and, to an extent, how we present ourselves both socially and visually. It would be fair to state that this abundance of distinction may be rooted in a strong sense of tradition, pride and patriotism.

For our first series, our aim is to capture and document these attributes in the form of minimalist depictions. Taking away as much detail from our subjects as is possible, whilst keeping the subject instantly recognisable.

Our Vision

Our prospects for the future involve having these prints showcased in beautiful spaces around the world, highlighting the beauty of our islands through a subtle and modern approach.

We hope you will love our first collections as much as we enjoyed spending countless nights burning the midnight oil to bring them to you.

Our Promise to You

Our products are designed and crafted to compliment all styles. The print quality is one that will stand tall even in the most luxurious of settings. We promise to deliver delightful customer service consistently above all expectations. Our prices will always be accessible as our dream is to have our art touch as many people as we can.

Why Te fit-Tazza?

When looking for a name for this project we knew we wanted something unique to Malta but also fun enough to represent two passionate friends with a complementing sense of humour.

We embarked on a mission to visit local landmarks for inspiration and it was at the Vilhena Band Club in Floriana that we got served two teas in a glass that we felt we struck gold. What's more local than a glass of tea paired with one or two cheesecakes (pastizzi). The name felt right immediately, it's fun, it's unique, it's Maltese and we simply loved it!

Te fit-Tazza